Poet's Cyber Corner

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Pull up to the mic...Share a word or two...Tap the nerve that makes us love...Welcome to tonight's session and the Poet's Cyber Corner

A Poem
a poem is a key to the heart

it unlocks the vault to the soul allowing all to see
it speaks the truth even when deceit is in the air

a poem reaps of love and pain
a poem is much more than a group of words dancing across the page.
a poem is not just a poem

a poem is a key to the heart

Soul on Fire

Passage Through the Times of Love
A Collection of Poems

Suggested Readings

A glorious, groundbreaking celebration of Black sensuality--short stories, poems, essays, folk tales, and letters--ranging from the lyrical to the lascivious, from the prurient to the provocative. It is, as well, a serious and intellectually grounded anthology of black literature, including such authors as Alice Walker, Ntozake Shange, Barbara Chase-Riboud, among many others.
A kind of sequel to Erotique Noire, which Reginald Martin co edited, this is a collection of erotic fiction and poetry and essays about the erotic by black writers. While the book is definitely for adults only, there is nothing pornographic here. Some of the writing is romantic and some earthy, but what these poems and stories share is the goal of reclaiming and redefining black sexuality, which has so often been defined for blacks but less often by them. Much of the material printed here comes, by design, from "writers new to the public."
"Baker's is a fascinating portrait of the literary critic as blues artist, reconstructing the products of two amazingly fruitful decades of engagement with Afro-American expressive culture in illuminating autobiographical examinations of his own-and indeed, Afro-American criticism's-momentous changes over that period of time."- Michael Awkward, University of Michigan
Chocolate Thoughts is a compilation of 55 short stories, essays and poems from the hearts and minds of Black men. A searing modern commentary, it provides a spirited, at times austere look at psychological, social, political, and economic views that are often held but not expressed by Black men to the general public.
Brought together for the first time here are all of Maya Angelou's published poems -- including "On the Pulse of Morning," her inaugural poem -- in a handsome hardcover edition.
  Black Anthology: The Truth: Poems from a Black Mans perspective
 Afro-American Writing : An Anthology of Prose and Poetry